Our company is located in Novellara, right in the heart of the Po plain, very close to the Po river, and was founded back in 1950. In the last 50 years our company has never stopped growing and meeting farmers needs.
Pumps and decompressors we design can be used for a wide variety of applications: irrigation, draining and sewage pumping. The quality of our products relies on a continuous process of corporate operation improvements based on the actual needs we find when following up users applications. Quality checks are performed throughout all the assembly and processing steps, both for each component we use and for ready-to-ship final assemblies.
At the end of the manufacturing process, our products undergo a final test phase: this is our best pledge for quality, reliability and long-term duration of our line. Quality is not the only benefit we offer: availability, flexibility and timeliness are but some of the advantages we offer. Only a small-sized company – such as ours – is able to offer such a distinctive package.

Pompe Ferrari s.n.c.
Via Tintoretto, 3 – 42017 Novellara (RE) – Italia
Tel +39 0522 662506 Fax +39 0522 548936 Whatsapp +393512724567