Orders: Every request of offer has subjected to the here below described sale terms. Each order will be considered as valid only after it has been approved by our Company and confirmed in writing.

Prices: The prices of our articles have been listed in our ruling price list or in our offers. Prices could be changed at any moment and the effective date will be the same when they are fixed.

Deliveries: The deliveries of the goods are, accordingly with our law, free our Factory in Novellara (RE). The delivery terms are not binding, as the delivery term could be changed to exceptional circumstances or due to reasons of force majeur.
We always carry out the forwarding or deliveries for the Purchaser account and the goods always travel at Purchaser’s risk even if these are forwarded on the base of free port.
If packaging is required, it will be invoiced at the cost price and its come back will be refused.
After 8 days (eight) from the receiving of the goods we don’t accept any claims.

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